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Pool Algaecide
Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep a Backyard Pool Looking Beautiful

With the huge selection available of supplies, equipment, and products for both in-ground and above ground pools finding the best prices and brands has never been easier than with online shopping. Finding the best and cheapest equipment, and following some general pool maintenance tips, will result in a wonderful owning experience.

The first, and most consistent focus when dealing with a pool, will be the chemicals and different PH and chlorine levels associated with the water. A good starter package, for under $300, includes, a pound of shock with tests strips, a half gallon of Algaecide, a half gallon of Stain Away, and 50 pounds of the actual chlorine. The weather and amount of time kept open, will be the deciding factors on what other chemicals may be needed down the line.

A second maintenance tip would be to install a heater, to give family and friends enjoyable water all year round. The pumps are totally energy efficient, and choosing electric instead of gas will literally cut energy costs by 50%. The Aqua Pro 500 is a top-seller, as it operates on 230 volts of electricity with zero air pollutants being released into the air. This pump kit will come with digital controls, a scroll compressor, and the titanium heat exchanger.

Lastly, though possibly the most important pool maintenance tip, is always using a cover. Keeping the water free of leaves and debris, while keeping pets and children safe, the cover will play a major role during the owning experience. Covers will either be thick and made of fabric, or lighter and made of mesh, with both helping to block the sunlight that will cause algae to grow.

The three main pool maintenance tips listed above of focusing on the chemicals, adding a heater, and making use of a cover will all go a long way to having a happy and stress-free owning experience. Prevention is much better, easier, and cheaper when it comes to maintenance, so attention to detail and being pro-active is a must when being an owner . With a maintenance program, summers will be spent entertaining family and friends in a safe and clean backyard oasis.

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